GOVTek Monthly Newsletter: Issue 77, January 2011

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GTRA SecureGOV Council Meeting Awards

GTRA SecureGOV Council Meeting
December 5-7, 2010
Bedford, PA
The GTRA SecureGOV Council Meeting is an opportunity for Government IT leaders to come together to collaborate, network, and share best practices and lessons learned across the areas paramount ensuring security around our nation's technology infrastructures and data focusing on topics such as:
  • Cyber Security & Risk Management
  • Idendity & Access Management
  • Cloud Computing & Cyber Security
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • CUI
  • Secure Information Sharing
  • Secure Social Networking
  • Web 2.0 & Open Government
  • Security Architectures
  • Privacy & E-Discovery
  • IT Governance for Security
  • Secure Telework & Mobile Workers

GTRA Council Meeting Solution Providers

GTRA Partners

Industry Events
February 14-18, 2011: Pledge to Telework During Telework Week 2011
Beginning Monday, February 14, 2011 Telework Exchange and Cisco will host Telework Week 2011 - a week-long, nationwide effort to encourage agencies, organizations, and individuals to pledge to telework.  Individuals and organizations are invited to pledge to telework the week of February 14-18, 2011 - it's free to participate.  For additional information and to pledge to telework, please visit

April 28, 2011: Spring Telework Exchange Town Hall Meeting - Free to Government
Telework Exchange will host its 9th Town Hall Meeting on April 28, 2011 at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C. Themed "Telework. Work Smart, Save Big," the all-day event will address management and technology needs for building, implementing, and measuring telework programs. Join your fellow peers to learn how to put the telework law into action and realize the myriad benefits - agency cost savings, sustainability, hiring and retaining valuable employees, improving productivity, and supporting continuity of operations. For additional information and to register, please visit

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"GTRA is a great way to find out what vendors and other agencies are doing and how they are addressing problems."
- Wolf Tombe, CTO, Customs & Border Protection
GTRA 2011 Research Brief

Cyber Security: Solving an Ever-Changing Equation

this Research Brief, GTRA focuses on the complex world of cyber security by first looking at how cyber security became a household term, digging deep into the top concerns of government IT leaders when it comes to protecting our nation's digital and physical IT assets, and providing critical success factors government leaders should include in their cyber security strategy.
GTRA Council Meeting Presentations

Secure Shared Services 
John Teeter, Deputy CIO, HHS
Dr. David Bray, Deputy Program Manager, Technology Information Sharing Environment, DNI

Securing Our Nation's Digital Infrastructure through Innovative Acquisition Solutions
Ed O'Hare, Assistant Commissioner, FAS Office of Integrated Technology Services, GSA

Innovation in Government
Karen Palm, Associate CIO, Office of Innovation, OCIO, SSA

US-CERT Mission and Goals
Randy Vickers, Director, U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT), National Cyber Security Division, DHS
Rick Harris, Chief, Planning and Future Operations, US-CERT, DHS

Executive Perspectives:  The Top Cyber Threats Facing the Government
Christopher Garcia, Director, Office of Information Systems Security and CISO (Acting), FAA
Marc Noble, CISSP-ISSAP, CISM, CGEIT, Former CISO, FCC; Director Government Affairs, (ISC)2
Jirka Danek, Chief Technology Officer, Public Works Government Services Canada
Robert Brese, Acting Deputy CIO, Energy

WAKE-UP & Smell the CYB3R!
Dr. Robert "Rocky" Young, Director, CyBear Security

Cyber Security at a Small Agency:
Unique Challenges call for Unique Solutions!
James Johnson, CIO, Congressional Budget Office
Paul Vann, Senior Information Security Engineer, Congressional Budget Office
Chirag Patel, Senior IT Specialist/Security Analyst, Supreme Court of the United States

Preparing for Cloud Computing from a Federal Perspective
Wolf Tombe, Chief Technology Officer, Customs & Border Protection, DHS
Henry "Bud" Horton, Executive Director, Accenture

CISO and EA Collaboration
Elisa Cruz, CISO, FEMA

IT Outsourcing, Cloud Computing and Security: Making it all Work
Marian Cody, CISO, HUD

Federal Identity, Credential and Access Management:  Achieving the Target State
Judith Spencer, Co-Chair, Identity Credential Access Management Committee, Federal CIO-Council

NIST Risk Management Framework Update
Dr. Ron Ross, Senior Computer Scientist, NIST

Capability-Based IT PortfIolio Management
John Rogers, Chief, CIO & DPfM Division, USTRANSCOM

Federal CIO-Council Continuous Monitoring Working Group Update
Col. Michael J. Jones, Deputy Director Cyber Emerging Technologies, CIO/G6, Office of the Chief of Cyber, US Army

IT Consolidation & Cyber Security:  Friend or Foe?
Ken Griffey, NCCIPS Transition Manager, NASA
Parham Eftekhari, Co-Founder & Director of Research, GTRA

Technical Foundations for Continuous Security Monitoring
Peter Mell, Senior Computer Scientist, NIST

Department of Defense (DoD) Secure Information Sharing
Walt Okon, Senior Architecture Engineer, Office of the Secretary of Defense in the Enterprise Architecture & Standards Directorate, Defense

Writing Proposals Reviewing Request of RPS for Small Business Set Contracts
Ira Grossman, Chief Enterprise Architect, FEMA

Cyber Security:  What are our best lessons learned, what are our toughest challenges, and how do we meet them?
Dr. Suzanne Acar, Senior Information Architect

Project Management Best Practices
Michael Schievelbein, Lead Technologist, FBMS Implementation Office - Office of the Secretary, Interior

Cyber Security Threat Environment
George Welles, Senior Fellow, Technological Leadership Institute, University of Minnesota

Federated Identity Credentialing and Access Management for NextGen
Kenneth LaClair, Cyber Security Manager, Air Force

Integrating Software Security into the C&A Process
Kevin Greene, Technical Management Resources (TMR)
Cyber Security Program Manager, Justice

Assuring Scalable User Authentication for Cloud, Information Sharing and Mobile Access
Dr. Len Mizrah, President & CEO, Authernative

Today's Government Security Challenges
Chris King, Director, Product Marketing, Palo Alto Networks
Paul Barter, Vice President, Strategic/Federal Initiatives, ExteNet Systems Inc
Michael Singer, Executive Director Technology Security, AT&T Government Solutions
Erich Baumgartner, VP, Federal Sector, Q1 Labs

Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI): Implementation, Best Practices and a Real World Perspective
Major General Bob Howard, USA (Ret), Army
Patricia Hammar, President & Managing Member, PKH Enterprises
Research & Publications

White Paper: Mind The Gap - Fidelis XPS Deep Session Inspection
The information technology landscape is a battlefield. Ready or not, you've been drafted into an epic good vs. evil struggle. You're one of the good guys, striving to protect your networks and data from misuse. Meanwhile, the bad guys poke and prod at all of your assets from within and without, looking for the most profitable ways to exploit the holes in your defenses. They do this patiently, mercilessly, inexorably-whether they're nationstates advancing a political or economic agenda or transnational criminal gangs simply in it for the money. In this context we will take a brief look at today's threats, and then we'll examine the countermeasures enterprise networks have deployed in response to those threats.

Video: Mind the Gap

Watch and learn how Fidelis XPS from Fidelis Security Systems fills the fatal gaps exposed in existing security solutions.  Fidelis XPS goes beyond packets in real time, session level analysis to cover these security gaps with deep, multi-layered content awareness and all ports visibility and prevention.

Press Release: Authernative Granted U.S. Patent for Two-Credential Authentication Factor 

Authernative, Inc., the leading developer of innovative user authentication and identity management technologies, announced today that the United States Patent Office has granted the company a patent for a user authentication method.


GTRA Technology Council Meeting
May 22-24, 2011 - Bedford, PA

Pre-register now for the $399 discounted rate!

At a time where new technologies, mandates, budget constraints and secuirty threats are forcing agencies to re-assess their IT strategies, the 2011 GTRA Technology Council Meeting will bring together government's elite IT and technology leaders to collaborate and engage in meaningful dialogue to create a foundation that will ensure success for generations to come.

The GTRA Technology Council Meeting will cover:
  • Cyber Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Infrastructure
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Identity Access Management
  • Secure Mobility
  • Secure Information Sharing
GOVTek Executive Government
Technology Awards

GOVTek Executive Government Technology Awards for 2011 call for government and industry nominations is officially open! These awards are recognizing leaders with vision, innovation and remarkable accomplishments from, both government and industry, who have improved the way government delivers services, interacts with citizens, shares information, and protects its national assets.

GTRA's Government Council and Industry Advisory Board will judge the nominations and host the GOVTek Awards Cruise to be held December 4-6, 2011. GTRA is officially calling for nominations in the following categories:

Government Excellence:
Excellence in Government Leadership
Excellence in Project Management
Excellence in Cyber Security
Excellence in Sustainability
Infrastructure Modernization Achievement
Excellence in Social Media
Excellence in Transparency
Government Innovator of the Year
Women in GOV Technology

Industry Solutions & Technologies:
Best of Breed Security Solution
Best of Breed Mobile Solution
Best of Breed Cloud Solution
Best of Breed Green IT Solution
Best of Breed Transparency Solution
Excellence in Government Service
Women in Technology
Top 20 Solution Providers to Watch for 2011


Special Thanks to the GTRA Council Members
Dr. Suzanne Acar, Senior Information Architect (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Deedee Akeo, Chief Architect, Business Transformation Agency (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Lynn Allen, Deputy Chief Information Officer for Business and Technology Modernization, HUD (Security Council)
Dr. Peter Alterman, Senior Advisor for Strategic Initiatives, NIH (Security Council)
Frank Bauer, Vice President for Government Training and Professional Development, Graduate School (Workforce & Leadership Council)
Dr. Scott Bernard, Acting Chief Architect, OMB (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Andrew Blumenthal, Chief Technology Officer, ATF, Justice (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Dr. W. Stan Boddie, PMP, CISSP, Professor of Systems & Technology Management, i-College, NDU (Workforce & Leadership Council)
Thomas Boyce, PMP, Deputy Chief Information Officer & Director, Office of Information Services, NRC (CXO Council)
Gayle Bracy, Director, Office of Enterprise Solutions, Treasury (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Robert F. Brese, Acting Deputy CIO,Energy (CXO Council)
Dr. Barry Brown, Deputy Director, Enterprise Systems Engineer, Customs and Border Patrol, DHS (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Devon Bryan, Director, Cybersecurity Operations, IRS (Security Council)
Jonathan Cantor, Executive Director for Privacy & Disclosure, SSA (Security Council)
Marian Cody, Chief Information Security Officer, HUD (Security Council) 
Colleen Coggins, Chief Knowledge Officer, Interior (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Doreen Cox, Chief Architect, Director, Enterprise Architecture Branch, Office of Information Technology, Customs & Border Protection, DHS (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Patricia Craighill, Special Advisor to the Chief, Warfighting Integration, NEXTGEN/JPDO, Assistant Director of Defense, SAF/XC - NEXTGEN, U.S. Air Force (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Elisa Cruz, Chief Information Security Officer, FEMA (Security Council)
Linda Cureton, Chief Information Officer, NASA (CXO Council)
Jirka Danek, CTO & CISO, Information Technology Services Branch, Public Works Government Services Canada (CXO Council)
Kevin Deeley, Chief Information Security Officer, Justice (Security Council)
Brian Doerk, PMP, Project Manager, U.S. Coast Guard (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Steve Elky, Chief Information Security Officer, Library of Congress (Security Council)
Rich Ferguson, Chief Information Officer, Federal Labor Relations Authority (CXO Council)
Frederic Foley, Chief Architect and Director of Enterprise Architecture, U.S. Coast Guard (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Mary Forbes, Chief Enterprise Architect, HHS (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Ylanda Ford, Director, Enterprise Architecture, OCIO, HUD (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Christopher Fornecker, Chief Technology Officer, Integrated Acquisition Environment, GSA (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Sharon Fratta-Hill, Ph.D., VP of Academic Programs and Distance Education, Graduate School (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Christopher Garcia, Director, Cyber Security and Incident Response Center, FAA (Security Council)
AJ Germek, Assistant Deputy Special Inspector General, CIO for the Troubled Asset Relief Program, SIGTARP, Treasury (CXO Council)
Ned Goldberg, Chief Information Security Officer, FDIC (Security Council)
Peter Gouldmann, Security Architect & Knowledge Officer, Office of Information Assurance, US Department of State (Security Council)
Ken Griffey, NCCIPS Transition Manager, Stennis Space Center, NASA (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Ira Grossman, Chief Enterprise Architect, FEMA (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Chris Hardy, Director, e-Learning and Technology Center, DAU (Workforce & Leadership Council)
Brad Harshman, Chief Enterprise Architect, National Nuclear Security Administration, Energy (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Marc Hollander, Chief Operating Officer, NIEHS, NIH (CXO Council)
Jerry Horton, Chief Information Officer, US Agency for International Development USAID (CXO Council)
Patrick Howard, Chief Information Security Officer, NRC (Security Council)
Marlene Howze, Chief Architect/Enterprise Architecture Program Manager, Labor (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Jack Israel, Chief Information Officer, I&A, DHS (Security Council)
James Johnson, Chief Information Officer, Congressional Budget Office (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Richard Klemmer, Chief Enterprise Architect, NTIA, Commerce (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Mary Lacey, Deputy Program Director, AEGIS Ballistic Missile Defense, Missile Defense Agency
(Security Council)
Kevin Lawson, Branch Chief, Applications Development Branch, IT Division, TSA (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Phillip Loranger, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer, Education (Security Council)
Tan Luong, Chief Enterprise Architect, IT Department, US Mint (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Roger Mahach, Chief Information Security & Privacy Officer, OCC, Treasury (Security Council)
Randy Maples, CEA, Deputy Chief Information Officer - Management, FTC (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Ethel Matthews, Senior Advisor to Chief Information Officer, Security and Privacy, SBA (Security Council)
John McCue, Acting Chief Enterprise Architect, Office of Administration, White House (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Chuck McGann, Director, Corporate Information Security, US Postal Service (Security Council)
Margaret Mech, Chief Information Security Officer, FTC (Security Council)
Matt Newman, Professor of Systems Management, NDU (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Jillian O'Connell, Chief, Enterprise Investment and Information Management, US Geological Survey (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Walt Okon, Senior Enterprise Architect, DoD Enterprise Architecture & Standards Directorate, Defense (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Bajinder Paul, Chief Information Officer of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Treasury (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Richard Prentiss, Assistant Director, Enterprise Computing Center, IRS, Treasury (Security Council)
John Rogers, Chief, CIO & DPfM Division, USTRANSCOM (CXO Council)
Ken Rogers, Director, Enterprise Architecture & Strategic Planning, IRM/BPC/EAP, U.S. Department of State (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Joe Rose, Chief Architect, Education (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Larry Ruffin, Chief Information Security Officer, Interior (Security Council)
Timothy Ruland, Chief Information Security Officer, Census Bureau (Security Council)
Eddie Saffarinia, Assistant Inspector General for Information Technology, Interior (CXO Council)
Peter Sand, Director of Privacy Technology, DHS (Security Council)
Dr. Ronald Sanders, Associate Director of National Intelligence for Human Capital, Chief Human Capital Officer, DNI (Workforce & Leadership Council)
Daniel Sands, Chief Information Security Officer, Director, Information Security and Awareness Office, OCIO, National Institutes of Health, HHS (Security Council)
Marco Santini, Deputy Director, Customer Accounts & Research, GSA (Workforce & Leadership Council)
Daud Santosa, Chief Technology Officer, National Business Center, Interior (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Derek Scarbrough, Chief Information Officer, Institute of Museum and Library Services (CXO Council)
Michael Schievelbein, FBMS Implementation Office, Lead Technologist, Office of the Secretary, Interior (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Tim Schmidt, Chief Technology Officer, Transportation (CXO Council)
Robert Seay, Acting Chief Enterprise Architect, GSA (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Donna K. Seymour, Deputy Assistant for Administration for the Under Secretary of the Navy, Navy (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Rene' E. Smeraglia, Chief Information Security Officer, US Mint (Security Council)
James Smith, Chief Enterprise Architect, Bureau of Consular Affairs, State (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
David Stender, Associate CIO for Cybersecurity, Chief Information Security Officer, IRS (Security Council)
John Sullivan, Enterprise Architecture Advisor, Office of Governmentwide Policy, GSA (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Peter Sullivan, Director, Office of the Chief Information Officer, Labor (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Eric Sweden, Chief Enterprise Architect, NASCIO (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Harry Tabak, Chief Enterprise Architect, NOAA National Weather Service (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Diana Takata, Acting Chief Architect, JPDO, Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
George Thomas, Enterprise Architect, HHS (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Dr. Paul A. Tibbits, MD, Deputy Chief Information Officer, Office of Enterprise Development, Veterans Affairs (CXO Council)
Wolf Tombe, Chief Technology Officer, Customs & Borders Protection, DHS (CXO Council)
Dr. James Trinka, Director, Training and Technical Development, FAA (Workforce & Leadership Council)
Arleas Upton-Kea, Director, Division of Administration, FDIC (Workforce & Leadership Council)
Raghav Vajjhala, Chief Enterprise Architect & Director, Office of Enterprise Architecture, Treasury (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Brian Wilczynski, Director, Enterprise Architecture & Standards, Defense (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Dennis Wisnosky, Chief Architect, Chief Technical Officer, Business Mission Area, Office of the Deputy Chief Management Officer, Defense (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Paul Wormeli, Executive Director, Integrated Justice Information Systems Institute (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Dr. Robert "Rocky" Young, Associate Professor of Systems Management, NDU (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
David Zeppieri, Chief Information Officer, Overseas Private Investment Corporation (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)
Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or need assistance.  Thank you and I hope to see you in May!
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