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Critical Success Factors to Improving Long-Term Security Posture - January 2012

GTRA Research Brief: Critical Success Factors to Improving Long-Term Security Posture
Date: January 2012

Executive Summary:

Long term success in the nation’s fight for cybersecurity requires more than money, technology and resources. It will only be achieved when a culture is developed where leaders make cybersecurity a top priority. This requires both IT and business executives improve communication in order to fully understand the business risks associated with IT as well as the benefits cybersecurity initiatives will bring an organization.

To support this goal, agency leaders must incorporate the following elements into their cybersecurity strategies:

  • 1. Talk about creating a culture to supports true cybersecurity 
  • 2. Sell the value of cybersecurity to non-IT executives 
  • 3. Use innovation to improve security 
  • 4. Find Cloud providers you trust 
  • 5. Develop the next generation of cybersecurity professionals 

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