Alvaro Camacho

ISSO Bureau of Fiscal Services

AlvaroCamachoPrimary Information System Security Officer for the Fiscal Service Post Payment System, which which will modernize post payment transactions and will replace five legacy applications.
Proactively provides recommendations, comments, presentations, and justifications to management based on short and long term security strategies.
Supports projects managers in the development of cost/benefit analyses which reflect comprehensive evaluations of funds required and projected timelines for the acquisition of software, hardware or contractor support to address known or potential IT security threats or vulnerabilities.
Develops written standard operating procedures and training materials.
Completion of Risk Assessments as part of the SA&A process and the continuous monitoring program.
Evaluation of Security Impact Assessments prior to implementation of systems changes.
Tracking and remediation of Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&Ms) in accordance with Fiscal IT Security Program requirements and within established target dates.
Maintenance of FISMA security documentation (e.g. Systems Security Plan, Contingency Plan, and configuration Management Plan) in accordance with Fiscal IT Security Program requirement and within required frames.
Recording, analyzing, and reporting of systems audits.