Dr. Alenka Brown

Daryl Haegley

Dr. Alenka Brown is an independent consultant for the Institute for Defense Analysis, and the Intelligence Agencies. She is part of VA Del. La Rock’s team supporting his efforts on the Joint Commission for Science and Technology for Cybersecurity. She is President of McClure, Brown & Associates® LLC, developers of cognitive forensics and neuro analytics for strategic processing, cybersecurity, and competitive intelligence.

Dr. Brown retired September 2013 after 27 years of service in the Department of Energy’s National Laboratories. Her last employment was Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) as Director of Human Infrastructure Development and Distinguished Staff. (2002-13). While ORNL affiliated, she was assigned to the Department of Defense supporting efforts as Sr. Science Advisor for such entities as: the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Network and Information Integration; Joint Staff- Operations/Partnership, Defense Threat Reduction Agency-Offices of R&D and Advanced Systems and Concept Office; Intelligence Agencies, and NATO Allied Command Transformation. At the National Defense University she was the NORAD/US NorthCom Chair, and Associate Chair for Energy and Sr. Research Fellow for the Human Interoperability Enterprise within the Center for Technology and National Security Policy.

She is collaborating with Patrick Henry College establishing a Strategic Cognition Intelligence Center within their Strategic Intelligence Program. She is a member of working groups for: NIST’s SP-800-53R4, SP-800-173, SP 800-174, and the Cloud Forensic Reference Architecture; NCOIC’s I2C Tech Team, Cybersecurity IPT, and Cloud Computing; INSA’s Strategic Planning and Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations, and Co-Chair for the Strategic Planning Group for the Open Source Software Institute.

Her expertise includes:exploratory and applied research studies; operations; policy; standards; instrumentation and control design; human factors and systems design engineering; energy and national security; neuro cyber analytics; human cyber forensics; executive decision analytics; human interoperability and partnership capacity; strategic intelligence; information operations intelligence, and next generation cognitive-behavioral autonomous systems, technologies, and emerging human threats.

Dr. Brown earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (emphasis in micro processor design); Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (emphasis in laser communications) and a Doctorate of Philosophy (emphasis in human factors engineering). She is Board Certified as a Human Factors Professional.

In her spare time, she hangs out with family and friends, enjoys watching movies and leisure reading, gardening, visiting vineries and museums, and going to concerts and plays.