Michaela IorgaDr. Michaela Iorga is the Senior Security Technical Lead for Cloud Computing with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Co-chair of NIST Cloud Computing Security and Cloud Computing Forensic Science Working Groups.  Michaela is a recognized expert in cloud computing, information security risk assessment, information assurance and ad-hoc mobile networks. She has an extensive knowledge base in the development of complex security architectures and a deep understanding of security, privacy and identity and credential management issues in the cyberspace – an expertise she gained while serving, in different roles, government, academia and private sectors. In her role at NIST, Dr. Iorga promotes American innovation and industrial competitiveness by working with industry, academia, and other government stakeholders to develop and disseminate vendor-neutral cybersecurity standards and guidelines that meet national priorities. Her current focus includes the development of security, privacy and forensic science specifications and guidelines that support the widespread adoption of cloud computing.