Stephen Rice

Stephen RiceAssistant Administrator for the Office of Information Technology and Chief Information Office, TSA

Stephen Rice was named Assistant Administrator for the Office of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer in March 2013. Prior to his current role, he served as Deputy Chief Information Officer and Deputy Assistant Administrator for more than four years. Since joining TSA in 2002, he has played a significant role in the initial deployment of IT services and network connectivity to airport and field locations nationwide.

With an annual budget of nearly $400 million, he is responsible for developing and managing central policies for TSA IT requirements; developing and implementing IT initiatives across the agency; and managing and overseeing a cybersecurity architecture that protects TSA information systems and networks from internal and external threats.

Rice laid the foundation for his current career at TSA through his nearly decade of service at the U.S. Secret Service in both intelligence and technical roles. He assisted the intelligence investigation unit that responded to the Oklahoma City bombings. In addition, he managed the data communication teams for several Secret Service protection events including the 1998 World Energy Congress, the papal visit to St. Louis and the United Nations special general assembly in the late 1990s. In 1996, Rice assisted with the management of telecommunications for both presidential conventions. After leaving the Secret Service, Rice worked as a network consultant designing and developing critical network designs. He returned to federal service as a security program manager for the Department of Commerce before joining TSA.