Consummate senior leader, highly efficient and effective, well organized and results-driven. Over 14 years of direct experience in the information assurance arena in the federal government with proven success in the development and implementation of effective security policies, procedures, and practices. Prolific ability to assess system and program vulnerabilities and lead robust security solutions, analyzing organizational security needs to provide viable, organized, long-range security solutions. Uniquely adept at leading teams past difficult obstacles, providing out-of-the box solutions. Vast experience encompasses overall project management, system implementation, system integration, risk management, systems assurance, security system architecture and analysis, and management. Specialist in Security Program Management, FISMA, Awareness Training, Policy Development & Implementation, Certification and Accreditation (C&A), Incident Response, Privacy (PIA, FOIA, Privacy Act, EO 13526), Records Retention and Management, Physical and Personnel Security, COOP, Disaster Recovery). Knowledge of application systems design, networks, hardware/software and database management. Detail oriented, with excellent oral and written communication skills.