CIO USDA Speaking on FITARA/Cyber Security

February 17, 2016- The Government Technology Research Alliance Council executives will convene on top technology issues at GTRA GovTech Council Meeting & Summit – Government CIO Collaboration May 22 – 24, 2016, The Homestead Resort, Hot Springs VA CLICK HERE

Featured New Speakers:

Richard Young CIO USDA
Dan Jacobs Innovation, Strategy & Security Division Department of State
Jason Gray Associate CIO DOT
Emery Csulak CISO CMS
Alen Kirkorian Division Chief, Office of Innovation, Strategy, and Security Department of State
Jon Kraden Director, Customer Coordination and Communication, FITARA expert GSA
Hudson Harris Chief Privacy Officer & Associate General Counsel ADAPT of America, Inc
Pamela Wolfe CESO NASA
Barbara Stance Chief Privacy Officer FAA
John Sullivan, Director, Information Resources Management Division GSA
Ben Bergensen Cyber Security and Cloud at OFCIO Executive Office of the President
Daryl Haegley Program Manager, Control Systems Cyber Resilience, OSD DoD
Andrea Simpson Deputy Information Security Officer CNCS
Joyce Graham Information Systems Security Officer ECS, Inc. (TSA contractor)
Helen Chamberlain Program Director, Section 508 GSA
Felix Uribe Privacy Officer & IT Security Analyst National Park Service
Brett Pfrommer Security Architect Innovation, Strategy & Security Custom and Border Patrol
Craig McComb Information Technology Manager Department of Job & Family Services, Montgomery County Ohio

The GTRA Council is in the process of developing the program for its upcoming Summit. If you are interested in participating in the program, and have insight to share on one or many of the below topics, please contact our Research and Development Program Manager, Madelyn Marino


Discussant Topics

  • Strategically Investing in IT Innovation in a Budget-Constrained Environment
  • Key Innovation Initiatives: Evidence-Based Innovation Initiative, Data –Driven Innovation Fund, and Others
  • Harvesting Both Existing and Modern Technologies to Drive IT Development & Innovation Investments
  • Creating a Culture of Innovation through Experimentation, Evaluation, and Learning Leadership
  • Critical Success Factors of Managing a Service-Driven (Not an Asset-Driven) Environment
  • Investment Prioritization: Resource Allocation, ROI, Development, Workforce
  • IT Strategy: Creating a Highly Productive, Efficient, and Innovative IT Shop
  • Mitigating Risks in a High-Threat, Ever-Changing, Budget-Constrained Environment

Cyber & Information Security

Discussant Topics

  • Status on the Current & Future Policies/Initiatives Including FISMA, ICAM and Others
  • Identity & Access Management: How to Best Manage Internal/External Users and Trust Relationships
  • Workforce: Acquiring, Retaining, and Training Top IT Talent
  • Measuring Information Security: Metrics, Reporting, and Intelligence Utilization

Big Data, Data Intelligence & Analytics

Discussant Topics

  • Defining Big Data and Understanding How to Best Optimize its Ability to Improve Mission-Critical Programs
  • Reducing Privacy & Security Risks through Integrated Information and Security Governance
  • Creating a Data-Driven Culture: Data Evangelism, Data Utilization Training, and More
  • Continuous Diagnostics and Monitoring in Big Data Scenarios

Cloud Computing

Discussant Topics

  • State of Cloud Computing: Current Challenges Trends and Future Expectations
  • Understanding New Compliance & Regulatory Issues and Key Guidance Initiatives in Cloud Computing
  • Optimizing Key Components of the Cloud: Security, Data Migration & Utilization, and Mobility
  • Contract Considerations: Managing Risks, Getting What You Pay For, and Staying On-Time and In Compliance

Mobile Government

  • Digital Government Strategy – Stage II: Understand the Impact
  • Approaches for Filling the Security and Privacy Gaps in Federal Mobility
  • Current State vs. Future Necessities: Data Standards, OTS vs. Development, Authentication, Application Services, Infrastructure, and Beyond
  • Understanding the Cultural Adaptations Need for an Optimal Mobile Workforce


  • Current and Future Privacy Oversight, Policies, and Compliance Considerations
  • Understanding Privacy Protection Objectives Delineated in Legislation
  • Strategically Developing Privacy Policies & Protections on the Front-End of IT Key Initiatives
  • Privacy Concerns Related to Social Networking, Mobility, and Open Government & Transparency

IT Workforce Planning & Development, Budget:

  • Winning the War on IT Talent: Strategies for Acquiring and Retaining Top IT Talent
  • Training and Developing IT Workforce to Ensure Effective IT Project Management and Execution with Minimal Risk
  • Analysis of OMB’s “Federal IT Management Reform” Initiative and How It Will Impact Your Day-to-Day
  • Managing a New IT Culture Driven by High Threat Levels, Scarce IT Budgets, and a Managed-Services Model

Records & Information Management:

  • The Next Steps in Making Information & Services Available Anytime, Anywhere, and on Any Device
  • Data Policies & Mandates: Open Data Policy, NAP, APIs, Section 508, Data Act
  • Data Consolidation: Challenges, Progress, Future Expectations
  • The Challenges of Making Privacy Compliance More Accessible, and Spending More Transparent

EA, Portfolio Management, Project Management:

  • Properly Leveraging EA to Ensure Mission Oriented Value Creation
  • Ensure Strategies for Optimizing Purchasing Contracts and Share Services Platforms Laws & Compliance Regulations: Meeting IT Governance Requirements through Successful Portfolio Management
  • Optimizing the Modernization & Management of Critical Areas Including Data Centers, Cloud Computing, Networks/Systems
  • Ensuring an Effective, Efficient, and Secure Supply Chain and Procurement Process

Technology Solution Providers:

  • Accellion – An Industry Leader- Ensuring Data Security and Compliance
  • Cloudera – Analytics, Everywhere – Keys to Effective Analytics and Data Discovery
  • Digicert – Digicert provides digital certificates for secure web-based communications and IoT devices
  • Forcepoint – Gain Visibility and Control of your Cyber Assets
  • Four Points Technology – Delivering Leading-Edge Technical Solutions for Real-world Government Initiatives
  • Rapid7 – Rapid7’s IT security analytics enable you to reduce your risk of a breach, find the attacks you’re missing, and accelerate security improvement.
  • RSA – RSA is the premier provider of intelligence-driven security solutions

To get involved in leading Collaboration Boardroom Meetings contact:
and CC

GTRA Government Council:

  • Michael Valivullah, CTO, NASS/USDA
  • Brad Nix, Deputy Director, US-CERT Access, DHS
  • Tony Scott, FCIO, OMB (Pending)
  • Alen Kirkorian, CISO, IRM/BMP/OCA, Department of State
  • Darryl Peek, Cyber Security Strategist, DHS
  • Evette Maynard-Noel, Chief, Information Collection, IT Accessibility, and KM, DHS
  • Ann Dunkin, CIO, EPA
  • Joyce Hunter, Deputy CIO, Policy and Planning, USDA
  • Michael Echols, Director, Joint Program Management Office, National Protection and Program Directorate, DHS (Pending)
  • Gregory Capella, Executive Director, ESDO, OCIO, DHS (Pending)
  • Mark Krzysko, Deputy Director, Enterprise Information and Office of the Secretary of Defense Studies, Defense
  • Angela Smith, Senior Technical Advisor, GSA
  • LeAnn Oliver, ACIO for Policy and Governance, Department of Energy
  • Timothy Rapp, VP, Information & Education Technology, CIO, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS)
  • Andrea Simpson, Deputy Information Security Officer, Office of Information Technology/Information Assurance, Corporation for National & Community Service (CNCS)
  • Dan Jacobs, Innovation, Strategy, and Security Division, Office of the Chief Architect (IRM/BMP/OCA/ISS), US Department of State
  • Jonathan Cantor, Chief Privacy Officer, DHS (Pending)
  • Emery Csulak, CISO, CMS (Pending)
  • Lisa Engelhardt, Chief, Information Technology, Security & Telecom, National Park Service
  • Jason Gray, Associate CIO, Department of Transportation
  • Deborah Gallagher, Senior Advisor, GSA-Defense (Pending)
  • Catrina Purvis, Chief Privacy Officer, Department of Commerce
  • Michaela Iorga, Senior Security Technical Lead for Cloud Computing, NIST
  • Jonathan Kraden, Director, Customer Coordination and Communication, FITARA Expert, GSA, Office of Government-Wide Policy, Office of Information, Integrity & Access
  • Flip Anderson, Deputy ACIO, IRM, OCIO, USDA


Delegates & SpeakersCLICK HERE

Executives from Federal Government Agencies: Civilian, Defense, Intelligence GSA Per-Diem All-Inclusive Hotel & Meal Package:
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  • All meal functions Sun/Mon/Tues – Breakfasts, luncheons, dinners, breaks, social functions
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  • 18-hours of Continuing Education Credit/CEUs + CISSP CPEs
  • Post-Event Access to Member Portal & Presentations
  • Attendee Contact Information and post-event online networking
  • Customized itinerary for roundtables and meetings
  • Wifi

SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE: GTRA is offering a limited number of scholarships to cover the tuition for delegates – to apply:
Contact Madeline Marino, Research and Program Manager

Industry Networking Pass CLICK HERE:

Executives from Technology and Solution Provider Companies: A limited amount of
networking passes are allocated for industry experts
from companies providing healthcare solutions. ALL-INCLUSIVE PACKAGE $2,750 Full Price

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  • 18-hours of Continuing Education Credit/CEUs
  • Wifi

Networking Passes Included in all Round table Sponsorship Packages:
Please contact Benjamin Church Solution Strategist,

Sponsored Round tables :

Speakers from Technology and Solution Provider Companies: A limited amount of about 20 companies will be leading a series of collaboration roundtable meetings with groups of senior Government IT executives.

  • Informatics / Big Data / BI
  • Cloud Computing & Cloud Security
  • Mobile Government
  • Compliance Solutions & Support
  • Security / Privacy
  • Breach Detection / Prevention
  • Infrastructure Modernization
  • MDM / BYOD Solutions
  • Risk Management
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Lean IT
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Interoperability / Integration
  • Decision Support
  • Governance
  • Storage Solutions
  • Virtualization
  • Information Sharing
  • Collaboration Solutions
  • Strategic Consulting Services

Contact Deborah Kay, VP Member Relations


Homestead Resort, Hot Springs, Virginia 7696 SAM SNEAD HIGHWAY HOT SPRINGS, VIRGINIA 24445
Phone: (800) 838-1766

The Omni Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, Virginia is known for many things, but perhaps above all for our Southern hospitality and elegant charm. Our historic Virginia accommodations have welcomed guests, including 22 US Presidents, as early as the 18th century. Periodic renovations have provided our accommodations with modern amenities while still featuring their classic Southern furnishings and feel. The Omni Homestead Resort offers an inspired setting for any conference or event of up to 1,000 people. Situated within the Allegheny Mountains, the surrounding Virginia landscape provides a stunning backdrop for business conferences, non-profit meetings and family functions alike.
For more information about the Homestead Resort, visit:

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Delegates FAQ’s

GSA Per-Diem All-Inclusive Tuition, Hotel & Meal Package:
Registration: Tuition is $99
Meal & Lodging Government Per Diem Package (paid directly to hotel upon check-out):
Hotel: $89/night
M&IE: $51/day

Your participation Includes:

  • Breakfast Sun/Tues, Lunch Mon/Tues
  • Cocktail Reception & Dinner banquet Sunday Night
  • Happy Hour, Dinner & Entertainment (follows ethics guidelines) * All-day refreshment breaks – coffee, teas, sodas, snacks
  • Full Access to all Sessions, Meetings, Boardrooms, and Keynotes * Evening Networking Functions
  • 18 Hours CEUs + CISSP CPEs
  • GTRA Membership:  Post Event Access to Content and Presentations * Attendee Contact Information
  • Customized Itinerary for Collaboration boardrooms and Meetings

Use the following strategies to show your leadership the ROI your organization will receive by having you attend GTRA:

  • Align Topics to Specific Problems in your Office
  • Propose Knowledge Sharing & Training Upon your Return
  • Remind Leadership of the Cost of a Breach
  • Propose a Post-GTRA Strategy
  • Remind them GTRA is not a Tradeshow or Conference
  • Early Registration Discounts

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Delegate FAQ’s:

About GTRA: GTRA brings together executive-level government technology CIO/CISO/CTO/CXO thought leaders to collaborate, strategize, share best practices and lessons learned, and create innovative solutions. The elite invitation-only semi-annual GTRA Technology Council Meetings address the topics identified through research with the Government Council and Technology Advisory Board. Founded in 2002, GTRA has been bridging the gap between government and technology, driving innovative trends, and providing one of the most well-known peer-to-peer forum, resulting in actionable government-wide strategic plans and cutting-edge solutions. Through a unique collaborative methodology, GTRA is revolutionizing the way government does business.
Laura ChildMarketing and Event Coordinator
(202) 815-7406

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